Pastor Enoch Phiri Cuts All Ties With TBN in Africa

Restoration House Founding Pastor, Enoch Phiri, has announced that his relationship with TBN in Africa has come to an end after disagreements between him and the channel.

Taking to his Facebook account, Pastor Phiri explained that his decision to end this relationship with TBN in Africa is based on “intimidation and attempt to muzzle his sermons so that he doesn’t preach about bible based land restitution as well as the need to decolonize an African mindset.”

On his show, Taking Dominion, Pastor Phiri has been vocal about the issue of land restitution, emphasising his belief that the challenges facing South Africans today are due to the fact that land and economic transformation have not been well managed by the government.

According to the pastor, TBN had advised him that his sermons contain hate speech- to which he replied by asking them to point out the parts of his message that contain hate speech. “I have challenged them in the past to point out to me which part of my sermons contains hate speech but they have failed to do so,” he wrote. 

“I was under the impression that the TBN team was just ignorant on the issues which affect our society until I stumbled across an email between the TBN team and one viewer and in that email am actually addressed as a Monkey Pastor and I found that email outrageous and racist. To my amazement TBN in Africa did not advise the viewer against using such degratory remarks against me but instead they entertained the viewer and encouraged him to continue writing,” the statement reads.

He further added, “If Jesus would walk physically in the streets of South Africa, He would address issues such as Government corruption, negative impact of colonialism on Africa, racism, xenophobia, Zionism, social inequality, land reforms, state capture, women abuse, child abuse, human trafficking and many other ills seen in our society.”

The Christian News attempted to reach TBN for comment, but the phones rang unanswered.